What does it mean to be recognized by Porsche North America as a Premier Porsche Dealer? It signifies that Pacific Porsche is one the top 25 dealerships in North America, encompassing performance among peers, product representation, and the development of key Porsche business drivers.

This is no trivial achievement as 175+ Porsche dealers did not make the list including most of the largest dealers in the country, and one of only 2 in California to be so recognized.  This came as a result of some very hard work on the part of all of the Porsche employees and management and the commitment of Mike Sullivan to provide Pacific Porsche with all of the tools (and a “small” remodel) necessary to reach the top.  

The entire LAcarGUY family of dealers would like to recognize and acknowledge the hard work and dedication it took from everyone at Pacific Porsche to achieve this elite status.