The Porsche Panamera has been named the recipient of the 2014 ALG Residual Award for the Premium Executive Car segment. This award recognizes brands whose vehicles are most likely to maintain the highest percentage of their original value after three years. Many considerations are involved in the selection process, including overall success of a vehicle, from the physical product to the brand’s values and marketing strategies.


Since 1964, ALG has provided a benchmark for vehicle values, automotive industry insights and consulting services to its customers. The 14th Annual Residual Value Awards are the standard for residual value projections in North America.

“Each year, ALG’s Residual Value Awards recognize the vehicles and brands that deliver a complete product experience to their customers – exceptional vehicle quality, strong brand desirability, and long-term reliability. Residual value is the ultimate measure of product success – consumers voting not with survey results, but with their wallets,” said Larry Dominique, President of ALG.