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A Good Hard Look at the 2015 Porsche Macan

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Many Porsche fans either love or hate the 2015 Macan S for not being a pure sports vehicle. Sure it offers more utility than a 911 does, and it definitely isn’t the standard Porsche vehicle, but when you climb behind the wheel of this vehicle there is no designing that it was designed and produced by Porsche. It offers an impressive level of performance that I would have never expected out of an SUV.

2015 porsche macan s

Raw Performance

The Macan S packs plenty of raw power under its hood with a whopping 340 HP generated from its turbocharged V6 engine. This SUV is capable of towing up to 4,409 lbs. behind it and offers an excellent mixture of performance, power and utility for owners looking for more out of their luxury vehicles. This lightweight SUV is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 in just 5.0 seconds and it has a top speed of up to 156 MPH. This SUV offers enough seating for up to five passengers making it a great alternative to sports cars with only enough seating for two. It gets 23 MPG on the highway and manages 17 in the city making it an affordable luxury SUV to drive around as far as fuel efficiency is concerned.


While the Macan looks like a compact SUV it certainly doesn’t handle like one. Hope into the luxurious interior and get behind the driver’s seat and you’ll be amazed at how adeptly it moves around corners and how light on its feet this vehicle is. The SUV feels more like a sports car and thanks to a design that pays careful attention to aerodynamics it sticks to the road like a sports car as well. Each of the tires remain in full contact with the road at all times providing a superior level of traction that offers great performance both on and off the track.

One remarkable aspect of the Macan is it’s very low levels of body roll. Taller vehicles typically suffer from terrible body roll, but you can whip this SUV around corners without fear and it will hold on firmly giving you the power you need to accelerate out of the corner and maintain traction.

Built on an Audi Platform but Far from an Audi

Most people have issued their complaints or outright protests about the Porsche Macan being built on the Audi Q5 platform, but after the Porsche engineers got through reworking the platform for their own purposes the vehicle isn’t comparable to something released by Audi any longer. This refined SUV has a carefully tweaked suspension  and drivetrain designed to operate at a level of smoothness that can only be described as a Porsche.

This model also comes with the standard Porsche PDK and a powerful twin-turbocharged V6 that puts out enough power to feel like a raw performance-based luxury vehicle should.


Even though the Macan S starts at a very reasonable price point of around $50k most buyers won’t settle for this base package and will opt for at least a few upgrades. With options like Porsche Torque Vectoring, enhanced wheels, Porsche Active Suspension Management, and a whole host of interior enhancements it is hard to say no to at least a few additional extras.

When you want more than a traditional SUV the Porsche Macan S over delivers. You get utility, you get great looks and an impressive level of performance that will keep up with many of the sports cars out on the market today.


Porsche Performs the Best Overall on the JD Power Owner Satisfaction Study

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Each year thousands of car shoppers put down premium amounts of money for luxury vehicles, but how many of those owners actually enjoy the vehicles that they purchase? A recent study from J.D. Power shows that Porsche owners are the happiest of the lot, making these vehicles one of the best investments that you can make if you’re looking for entertainment.










In this comprehensive study Porsche was able to beat out its main competitors. The automaker scored ahead of Audi, Cadillac and BMW without a problem.

Porsche’s Results

Porsche received a score of 882 on the study putting it firmly in the lead ahead of it’s main competitors

Jaguar and Audi who received an 862 and 858 respectively. The results of this study show that Porsche owners really do enjoy their vehicles, and more importantly that Porsche owners enjoy their vehicles more than other car owners do.

What the Study Means

This comprehensive study asked owners to evaluate their vehicles over a list of 77 different attributes. After all of the different questions have been answered the vehicles are given a final score that falls somewhere on the 1,000 point scale. Porsche received the highest score of the study, showing that Porsche drivers enjoy their vehicles more than any other vehicle owner. One surprising result of this study was how far behind Cadillac was compared to Porsche. They received a mere 826 during the study which is still a respectable score, but far behind the Porsche lineup of vehicles.

Porsche Snags Segment Awards as Well

On top of taking a broad look at the different vehicle lineups, J.D. Power also examines different brands based on segment. Porsche managed to take home three different segment awards as well. Porsche received awards for their Boxster, the Cayenne, and the 911 giving them a strong foothold in a variety of different categories. The Boxster was voted best in the Compact Premium Sporty Car segment, the Cayenne won for the Midsize Premium SUV segment, and the 911 won the Premium Midsize Sporty car segment.

If you’re looking for one of the best vehicles for entertainment and pure enjoyment it could be in your best interests to go with a Porsche. The thousands of Porsche owners surveyed can’t be wrong, and it’s clear that Porsche designed vehicles are meant to please more effectively than many of their competitors. Out of all the models the Boxster, the Cayenne and 911 models are highest rated and well worth a test drive at a local dealership to get the full effect.

The New Porsche 911 991 GT3 Comes with a Front Axle Lift System

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One of the biggest issues that sports cars have run into over the years are their very low ground clearance when driving over even slightly uneven roads. Whether the driver is just driving over a dip in the road or coming off the road into a parking lot there is always a chance that they will have to hear the dreaded scrape, as their beloved car is dragged across the ground doing massive damage. Some sports cars (like Lamborghinis) have developed special systems to combat this issue and the Porsche 911 991 GT3 is just one of those vehicles.

porsche 991 GT3

Front Axle Lift System

This modern Porsche is equipped with a powerful front axle lift system. The system will lift up the front of the Porsche by 30mm in order to help it avoid scraping any lifted objects on the road ahead of it. The only downside to this system is that it is not something that happens instantaneously whenever necessary. It needs to be activated and you will have to wait a moment before the lift occurs. Even still, Porsche owners in the new GT3 will be able to take their pride and joy over rougher surfaces without worry as long as they are paying attention enough to activate the system.

How the System Works

In order to allow this lift to happen Porsche put the damper in inverted creating a gap below the shock and strut body. This gap is a compressible cavity with enough space to raise and lower the shock and strut of the vehicle. They then attached a pneumatic hose to this cavity allowing them to regulate the amount of pressure in that cavity using a compressor.  This hose pushes compressed air into that cavity and causes the car to lift up. By activating the system compressed air is quickly added creating a smooth lifting motion that is barely noticeable but big enough to help protect the bottom of the vehicle.

Though this is not a new system for sports cars in general it is something new to Porsche vehicles in general and isn’t a widespread technology even for advanced sports cars. Hopefully this is a technology that Porsche will begin adding to all of their sports cars in the future. The added flexibility that the system offers is worth the small additional cost that it adds. While many drivers won’t use it all the time, the times when they need it they will be thankful that they bought a Porsche.

The Cayman GTS Versus the Porsche 911 GT3: Which Would You Prefer?

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Evo recently did a comparison between the 11-year old Porsche 911 GT3 and the brand new Cayman GTS to see which car handled better around the track and which was quicker. Their findings were surprising, and it’s impressive to see how well the 11-year old Porsche stood up to a more modern vehicle. After taking a look at the video deciding which vehicle you prefer may be difficult, but either way it’s clear that both are exceptional sports cars.


The Cayman GTS

The Cayman GTS is an upgraded version of the Porsche Cayman S and it feels quite a bit improved for racing performance. The chassis improvements that have been made give it a stiffer feel that’s preferred for racing. This car is a lot of fun to drive around mainly because of how balanced it is. Its very lightweight and agile around quick corners and the slight bit of over-steer lets it take corners very effectively. This vehicle is slightly lighter than the Porsche 911 GT3 that it’s compared to, but it isn’t as powerful either so they feel very similar.

The Porsche 911 GT3

The 11-year old sports car was one of the best cars out there when first released. Even today it remains a high-performing vehicle and it’s a lot of fun to drive. This well balanced car relies on a slight bit of over-steer to go with the rear wheel drive to give the vehicle a stable feel around corners.  One major difference between the 911 GT3 and the Cayman GTS is the feel of the steering. This older vehicle has a more mechanical feeling steering system and provides a great deal more feedback. That being said, it doesn’t drive quite as nicely as the Cayman, and the driver needs to have more skilled to operate the vehicle at the same speeds as the Cayman.

Taking them to the Road

Both of these cars handle nicely at high speeds around sharp corners. They are both highly balanced Porsche vehicles with minute differences here and there. The GT3 is a more powerful vehicle but it’s heavier. The Cayman GTS is lighter and slightly more agile. One big difference is the amount of skill it takes to drive each vehicle. While you need to be a skilled driver to operate either vehicle at high speeds, the GT3 is less forgiving and takes quite a bit of skill. During the comparison both vehicles made it around the course in the exact same amount of time, but the Cayman was faster around the tight corners while the GT3 took a lead in the straightaways.

Now that you’ve had a chance to hear about each of these two vehicles, and witness what they have to offer on the track which would you prefer to own?

Mark Webber and the California Festival of Speed

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The California Festival of Speed is an exciting event for any Porsche enthusiasts because it gives them a chance to look at the vehicles up close and brings special guests such as Mark Webber (Porsche Works Driver) close enough to witness and speak with.


The Festival of Speed

This Porsche event is completely free to enjoy and features a parade, a plethora of vendors, time trials, a swap meet and plenty of Porsche enthusiasts. Visitors are encouraged to bring their Porsche vehicles, and the only cost they will incur is the 10 dollar parking fee.

Mark Webber was a favored guest at the 2014 Festival of Speed and he went into great detail about the Porsche 911 GT1 and how it is a superb racing car. He test drove the vehicle for onlookers and puts it to the test through some sharp corners and curves that would be difficult for most drivers.

The 911 GT1

The 911 GT1 was the last Porsche racecar to win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and it’s a smoothly designed vehicle that is easy to operate while maintaining a high level of power. It’s considered a classic Porsche racecar and a fan favorite among racing enthusiasts. Webber comments that the car being more than 16 years old is very different than current Porsche race cars, one of the biggest differences being that it doesn’t rely on hybrid technology like the current vehicles do. He still states that it is one of the most well-built racecars that Porsche has and a true joy to drive.

Mark Webber on Racing

During his interview Mark Webber goes into great detail about the current racecars being used by Porsche, the current state of the team and how things are different than they were back when Porsche last won at Le Mans. For one thing Porsche has been out of the game for quite a while and has to adapt and catch up to the rest of the manufacturers who have been entering the race many of the years that Porsche wasn’t present. Webber states that it will take time for the team to come together and become comfortable with one another. Getting back into racing takes time and Porsche can only improve as they work toward next year’s race.