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A Porsche Macan S E-Hybrid Plug-In is a Real Possibility

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Since the launch of the Porsche Macan critics and consumers have been going crazy for the pint-sized SUV. It offers a lot of the performance of a sports car, while offering  a bit more room for comfortable riding. Now there’s word that Porsche is considering a Macan S E-Hybrid addition. That means in the future consumers could purchase a Macan SUV that’s equipped with an electric motor, that offers even more power and that plugs into a wall to improve efficiency while doing all this.

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The Expected Power Train

Julian Baumann, the executive of sales and marketing at Porsche, has made it clear that they haven’t made up their mind on creating a plugin Macan yet. However, if they do choose to go that route, it’s expected that the vehicle will rely on the powertrain that the plug-in Cayenne, and the plug-in Panamera rely on. It would likely be equipped with a 3.0 liter V6 that’s tied to an electric motor offering around 416 HP of peak power. That would certainly pack a punch in the compact Macan and it’s an exciting prospect.

Porsche is Heading Toward More Plugins

Porsche already has three different plugin hybrids and it’s likely they will be heading toward more in the future. They have the 918 Spyder, the Cayenne and the Panamera S E-Hybrid. Each of these vehicles is quite popular and offers an impressive level of power for their efficiency levels. They appeal to Americans and if Porsche believes that future plugins will also appeal they’re likely to add them on over time.

About Porsche’s Intelligent Performance Philosophy

Porsche is all about improving their vehicles, but they want to do so intelligently. That is why they have their ‘Intelligent Performance Philosophy’. Essentially they shoot to make all performance improvements on their existing vehicles by using new and more advanced automotive technologies. You won’t see them upping the size of their engines much and decreasing fuel efficiency, because that isn’t their style.

This is why Porsche is likely to add the Porsche Macan S E-Hybrid Plugin. They want to offer even more high-performance versions of their vehicle, but they want to do it without hurting efficiency much.

If you think a plugin style Macan is as great of an idea as we do make sure that Porsche hears your voice. There are plenty of proponents for this type of SUV, and it could be the next new development coming to consumers from Porsche.

The BMW X4 against the Porsche Macan

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With the release of the Porsche Macan auto enthusiasts are no doubt comparing it to some of the other luxury SUVs on the market today. None stand out as a contender more than the BMW X4, and that’s why we’ve taken the time to compare these two fine utility vehicles to see which is the better option. After taking a close look at both vehicles it’s easy to see how the Macan comes out ahead in some areas, but it doesn’t entirely best the BMW X4.

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When you first compare the styling of these two vehicles with one another you’ll notice that they look pretty similar. The Macan is a bit more rounded while the BMW is a bit taller and edgier.  The X4 ends up looking bulkier and a little less-refined that the slightly more compact Macan. Both vehicles have essentially the same dimensions with the same length and wheelbase giving them subtle differences.


It’s remarkable how similar the storage boot of the X4 and the Macan look. Both provide 500 liters or around 17.6 cubic feet of storage but the space provided by the Macan is a bit more square and wider open for easier, more effective storage. That being said, the back of the X4 is lower to the ground making loading heavy objects easier to do.


Just like with the rest of the vehicle there isn’t too much difference between the power output of either of these SUVs. The BMW X4 offers 255 HP while the Macan puts out 254 HP. The X4 goes from 0 to 62 in 5.8 seconds while the Macan only makes it from 0 to 60 in that time period. While the X4 is slightly more powerful than the Macan and accelerates a twinge faster, the vehicles essentially offer the same level of power.


When looking at the handling of both vehicles the Porsche slowly starts to take the lead. With all-wheel drive the X4 doesn’t handle poorly by any means, but compared to the dynamic control offered by the Porsche it feels a bit stiff. You can’t feel the road through the wheel very effectively and going around corners feels clumsy. While the X4 feels like a large SUV while going around windy roads the Macan feels more like a sports car. It hugs corners tight and provides plenty of feedback to the driver making driving feel like second nature. All the careful designing comes together into a flawless performance that gives the Macan a natural flow as it curves through bends. After test driving both vehicles the Macan just feels better and immediately becomes the more desirable of the two.

Both SUVs are very similar to one another and it’s no surprise that they fall in the same price range either. You can obtain the Macan for slightly less than the X4, but the X4 comes with more base features and fewer expensive upgrades than the Macan. The Porsche feels better while driving, and has a slightly more refined look, but in the end it comes down to personal preference more than anything else. Test out both vehicles and decide which you enjoy driving the most. There is no clear winner when you look at the features included with each vehicle, and that makes choosing the one you like the best a lot of fun since it all comes down to looks and the feel while driving.