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Porsche’s 918 Spyder Almost Sold Out

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If you fancy the Porsche 918 Spyder and actually planning on buying one of these supercars you’d better move quick because Porsche says they’re almost spoken for. That’s right, the car with a starting price of $850,000 is nearly sold out. If that isn’t a testament to the quality of the vehicle I don’t know what is.

Limited Units Produced

When you create such a high performance vehicle like the 918 Spyder you can only make so many of them because the market for a car closing in on a million isn’t very large. Porsche decided on the magic number of 918 cars, and by the end of March or the beginning of April they will have reached that special figure.

They’re Spoken For

According to Porsche only 30 cars have been delivered so far, but nearly the entire production line has been spoken for already with just a few stragglers remaining. The production process started last fall and customers have begun receiving cars this year. Just locking down one of these cars demands a $200,000 deposit, but it’s good enough to garner substantial interest.

A Look at the 918 Spyder

Just in case you don’t remember the specifics about the 918 Spyder that we posted earlier, here’s a quick overview again. This hybrid supercar packs in a powerful V8 naturally aspirated engine, along with two electric motors for a total power output of 887 HP and 944 lb.-ft. of torque. This car speeds up exceptionally fast (try 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds fast), and since electric power is being added through both axles it drives like it’s all-wheel drive. The electric motors allow it to accelerate faster than a standard gasoline engine ever could, and they help make the whole system more efficient as well.

A Supercar Bargain

It’s hard to imagine ever calling the $850,000+ price tag put on the 918 Spyder a bargain, but compared to vehicles like the LeFerrari or the McLaren P1 that both go for over a million dollars it’s quite an affordable option. Both of those vehicles are just as difficult to grab, if not more so than the 918, but they were each produced at a volume of less than half of the supercar’s.

It’s vital that you act now if you still want one of these cars at the original selling price. It’s likely that a few collectors will pick up the car and decide to resell it, but there’s no guarantee you will be paying the original price at first, and you could find yourself going up over the million dollar mark to obtain one of these rare supercars.

Porsche Expands its Lineup with Four 2015 911 GTS Variants

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With luxury automakers such as Audi and BMW stepping up the quality and design of their vehicles Porsche is feeling the pressure and has responded by improving its flagship car, the 911. The 2015 911 comes with more variations than ever before, 19, thanks to four new additions under the GTS name. With all the variety it’s easier than ever before to get exactly what you want out of the 911.

2015 Porsche 911 GTS

The GTS Variation

The last time Porsche offered the GTS was in 2011, but they are bringing it back for the 911’s 50th anniversary. It features a six cylinder “boxer” engine and packs 430 HP into its compact framework. The car comes with either rear-drive or all-wheel drive and sits in between the 911 Carrera S and the 911 GT3. It manages to climb to 60 MPH in just 3.8 seconds and achieves a respectable top speed of 190 MPH. It isn’t designed as a traditional racecar, but is certainly more powerful and capable than the Carrera model.

The GTS Lineup

The GTS lineup includes two coups and two convertibles depending on what you’re after. The starting price of these models is $115,195, but the convertible option will set you back $133,795.

Each of the vehicles comes standard with an adjustable suspension that the driver controls. Quality leather seats give the interior an exotic look at the included Sport Chrono package gives the gauges a modern touch. The sport exhaust system should give the system a mean sound adding to its appeal further.

The vehicles are set to be unveiled at the LA Auto Show in November. They will go on sale by the end of the year and should arrive on dealer lots shortly after. If you’ve been looking for a step up from the Carrera, but didn’t want to jump all the way to the GT3, the 911 GTS lineup should come as pretty exciting news.

Porsche to Show off the 2015 Cayenne S E Hybrid at the Paris Auto Show

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For anyone interested in getting an more environmentally friendly version of Porsche’s family SUV, the 2015 Cayenne S E Hybrid is set to debut at the Paris Auto Show later this year. While this car isn’t that much different than the current hybrid version of the Cayenne, it does come with some nice improvements that car owners will enjoy.


What it has to Offer

While very similar to the hybrid, the Cayenne S E Hybrid comes equipped with a powerful 10.8 Kwh battery that can be charged for all-electric driving. This pack is composed from powerful lithium-ion batteries, and is capable of moving the vehicle between 11 and 22 miles on a charge according to Porsche. Of course this is just an estimate, but it’s in the rough ballpark that you should expect from the vehicle.

This might not sound like a very long distance, but for some people 22 miles could cover their daily commute to and from work. Even if the electric motor doesn’t get you where you need to go you can enjoy improved mileage and rely on the gasoline-engine to finish the rest of the trip.

Power Boost

Not only does this SUV let you drive completely on electric power, it also adds a bit more power to the vehicle in general. The new electric motor used in this unit puts out 95 HP or 70 KW of power. This is a pretty decent increase from the 47 HP or 34 KW of power supplied by the engine in the hybrid. When paired with the 3.0 liter supercharged V6 you get a vehicle that has 416 HP overall and that can go from 0 to 60 in just 5.4 seconds.

The Price

In order to get your hands on one of these advanced hybrids you’ll have to hand over $76,400, plus a destination charge of 995. It’s still kind of hard justifying this expense when you look at the seemingly lower price tag of the Tesla X that has a far superior electric range, but for many owners who want to own Porsche’s the purchase will make sense.

Whether or not the vehicle seems practical for everyday situations, it’s great looking and offers an impressive level of performance. Porsche doesn’t expect to sell a huge number of these units, but even the ones they do sell will help make electric vehicles more mainstream.