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Porsche Releases Pricing for the 2015 Cayenne GTS

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Porsche has been releasing GTS versions of their vehicles since 1963 and it seems that they will be continuing that tradition with the Cayenne. Porsche recently released the 2015 GTS Cayenne and it packs a little extra punch of power and performance tweaks to make it more fun to drive than the standard Cayenne model.

2015 porsche cayenne gts

The New Look

If you set a Cayenne Turbo and a Cayenne GTS side by side you would have a hard time telling the two apart. The GTS borrows the nose fascia with the massive intakes, and the beefy grill from the Turbo. This gives it a massive looking front end, providing an aggressive and sporty stance. The vehicle has the same sport design package as the turbo as well giving it the same trim and accents around its exterior.

Both the roof of the vehicle and the spoiler used have been painted body color to help them blend seamlessly. The car also features very classy looking 20 inch RS Spyder wheels, that allow the bright red calipers to peak through.

Improved Power and Handling

In terms of power and handling the Cayenne GTS has received a nice boost. It relies on the same 3.6 liter twin-turbo V6, but Porsche has squeezed another 20 HP out of the engine, and offers up 440 HP with 445 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s an increase of 62 lb.-ft. versus the last model released.

The PASM suspension has been optimized for a stiffer and sportier feel than the basic model gets, allowing faster reaction times, more stable cornering at high speeds and just general fun out on the road. You can blast from 0 to 60 in just 5.2 seconds, and put a halt to that speed just as quickly using the 15.3 inch front brakes and the 14.1 inch rear set.

Classy Interior

Inside the GTS you get luxuriously comfy 8-way seats covered in silky smooth Alcantara. The headrests feature the GTS logos and each seat is accented by additional off-color stitching. Overall the interior looks similar to the standard Cayenne, it’s just upscaled a bit.

For all of these upgrades the GTS starts at $96,495 versus the Cayenne’s standard rate of $59,295, but you’re getting a lot of extras for the money and a more dynamic driving experience as well. For those with deep pockets, and a sense of adventure, the Cayenne GTS looks like a lot of fun and a good way to take the family SUV up to the next level.


Porsche Self Driving Cars are Faster than Humans and More Efficient

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One of the biggest benefits that scientists and engineers have been going on about with self-driving vehicles is the increased level of safety and control that these vehicles offer. Since they are operated by computers they can pick up on dangers faster and more reliably than humans can. They also come with more powerful sensors that give the computer a better sense of what is going on around the vehicle than a human can manage on their own. On top of these benefits it appears that the self-driving car from Porsche is actually faster than human drivers as well, at least according to Yahoo! Autos.

2015 porsche carrera

Porsche has a system known as InnoDrive that it has been testing out on some of its vehicles. This system is partially autonomous, using a series of sensors, cameras and other satellite feeds to create a general understanding of the outside environment.

This system is capable of handling all of the accelerating and the braking, but it still requires a human driver to handle the steering tasks. It’s designed to corner as efficiently as possible and is built for streamlined performance and for these reasons it has been shown to be faster than human drivers are. During general testing periods the system was 10 percent more efficient than human drivers, saving on fuel, while being 2 percent faster as well. While this isn’t a major increase over humans, it’s enough to make a noticeable difference over time.

Challenges to Overcome

The current system still can’t differentiate between red and green street lights. It’s programmed to see every light as green, which could cause some potential problems later on down the road. It is also only capable of seeing about 650 in front of it which may not be enough in some driving instances. There are the same limitations that other automakers are facing as well, but they believe they can all be overcame eventually and that self-driving cars will become a part of everyday life soon enough.

Porsche, along with other automakers such as Audi, are testing their ideas and their vehicles heavily under real driving conditions out on the road today. Now that they have the go-ahead to drive their cars on US roads they are working hard to perfect technology that is going to be the new face of driving soon enough.

In the future we’ll likely see roadways that are much more organized. The cars will be travelling at higher speeds and responding to one another very predictably. The computers won’t make mistakes about the laws of the road, and there won’t be a need to limit speeds as much on many roads in the country as there was before. Not only will speeds and safety increase, but energy consumption of these vehicles will be lower than current consumption thanks to increasing driving efficiency.

Porsche Expects to Sell Every One of their Supercar Spyders

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When Porsche released the figures for their 918 Spyder supercar there were many skeptics out there who weren’t convinced Porsche would be able to unload nearly 1,000 cars at close to $1 million each. The car is a thing of beauty, and it’s one of the most impressive hybrids that we’ve seen yet, but still, it’s a million dollars, more than Porsche has ever asked for by a long shot. Well Porsche is about to prove all of those skeptics wrong, because according to insiders at the company they are very close to selling all 918 of the supercars before the holidays roll around.

2015 porsche 918 spyder

The Car

The Porsche 918 Spyder is a powerful supercar that starts at $958,880.461 and the price goes up from there with any extras that you may be interested in. This car is incredibly fast and can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds, a feat that you won’t be reproducing in most standard sports cars. It’s able to achieve this astounding acceleration thanks to its hybrid engine setup. It features a 608 HP V-8 gasoline engine, and two additional electric motors producing another 281 HP together, driving that figure up to 887 HP overall. This sleek little beauty hits a top speed of 211 MPH and features sturdy four-wheel drive giving it impressive grip around corners.

Limited Models Drive up Demand

Porsche only decided to release 918 models of the Spyder to the public to keep them highly exclusive and to really stress the value of the vehicle. This is one of the factors that is helping the car sell so well, because at numbers these small the vehicle is more rare and will be easier to resell later on than other supercars produced in higher numbers. While you’ll never see these cars out on the streets in the numbers like you do lower priced sedans, the Spyder is going to be a really rare vehicle to see out on the roads, no matter where you live. According to the Porsche representatives, North American buyers are demonstrating a particularly high interest in the vehicle and that’s where many of the 918 are being sold to.

Porsche isn’t just doing well with their supercar either. They hit a record number of sales in 2013 with a total of 162,000 vehicles, and they predict they will be able to jump up from that number to more than 200,000 next year, thanks in large part to the highly successful Macan SUV.