Month: July, 2015

Will the Pajun Make an Electric Appearance at the Frankfurt Auto Show?

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It’s a common belief that Porsche is going to release a sedan smaller than the Panamera to compete with some of BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes offerings, but up until now there hasn’t been much of an idea around where that car would be released and when we could get a first look at it.

The 2014 Porsche Panamera
The 2014 Porsche Panamera

Now, according to L’Automobile, it’s likely that the “Pajun” will show up at the Frankfurt auto show in September. Not only that but it’s likely going to be a hatchback that’s running on electricity. The auto company expects the vehicle to show up with two electric motors and a bank of under-the-floor batteries that power the whole construction.

A First for Porsche

While it’s hard to confirm or deny this suspicion, if this car was brought to the motor show it would be a first for Porsche. It would be the first production pure-electric car that Porsche released, and if L’Automobile is to believed, it is going to have an impressive range of between 250 and 300 miles.

This all sounds a little extreme, and It’s hard to see this happening with such little announcement around the matter, but if that happened, Porsche would suddenly be taking on TESLA in the electric car sector. That’s a bold move to make when you aren’t making and selling electric cars at all.

While it’s still pretty unlikely that the Pajun is going to show up in any form this year, it’s still an exciting prospect to think we could be less than two months away from seeing this all-new model. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Frankfurt auto show, and I’m sure a lot of other Porsche fans will now as well, thanks to the speculation by L’Automobile.

2015 Porsche Models are the Most Adored for 11th Year

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According to J.D. Power and Associates Porsche was able to maintain their streak and hit year number 11 of Porsche owners loving their vehicles more than any other group of car buyers. That’s pretty impressive, but let’s be honest, did you think it would go any other way? Porsche has been wowing customers for years, but they don’t do it simply through great advertising, they really make quality vehicles that people enjoy driving and want to hold onto for years.

2015 Porsche 911 Targa 4S
2015 Porsche 911 Targa 4S

Getting in Touch with the Buyers

To figure out which brand was adored the most by auto buyers, J.D. Power and Associates got in touch with 84,000 different 2015 owners and asked them a series of 77 questions about all the new vehicles to get an overall feel for how they liked the different features. While it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Porsche managed to come out on top again, it might surprise you a bit why the brand the top pick above everyone else.

Safety is a Major Factor

One of the things that had a major effect on the ranking of a new vehicle s the safety features it has. Vehicles with advanced safety and warning features had a score 38 points higher than vehicles without those features. The safety features likely inspire confidence in drivers and they aren’t difficult or troublesome to use like some of the other new features that cars are getting, like the increasingly more complicated media systems. That means that drivers can rely on the systems to get them out of binds and they feel good about their vehicles for having this helpful technology.

Advanced Features and Quality Interior

Another important reason that Porsche ranks to high is because of the high build quality of the interior. The cars are known for being supremely comfortable, quiet and high performers. They also have some pretty cool tech features that make them stand out compared to other cars on the market.

The 2nd and 3rd Place Brands

The top spots were all held by European luxury car makers. Porsche took number one, Jaguar took second and BMW landed in third. Unsurprisingly most of the top spots were held by luxury vehicles. That’s just more proof that luxury vehicles are worth the cost and that they truly are more enjoyable to drive around than standard vehicles are.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that you’re really going to enjoy, it makes sense to pick up a Porsche more than any other. A good used Porsche, or an entry level model can be had relatively affordably. If you want the top experience you can even go after one of the new 2015 models. They all rank well and offer an enjoyable driving experience.

A Look at the 2015 Boxster Spyder

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Porsche released the 2015 Boxster Spyder and it’s a glorious site. This rare car looks classier and sportier than ever, and it’s something that will stand out on any road. Even if you don’t appreciate the classy shape the car’s been given it’s hard to not appreciate all of the performance and handling updates that the Spyder has. It drives faster and more effectively than ever before, and it’s a blast to ride around in.

2015 porsche boxster spyder

Manually Remove the Roof

Unlike some other convertibles on the market you have to manually remove the roof of this Porsche, but it’s a quick and satisfying affair. You simply press a button on the center console and then you detach each of the end fins on the rear lid and clip them back into place. Finally you open up the rear lid and store the roof into place. It’s very simple and can be done in just a few moments after you master the movements.

Manual Gearbox

In a world where automatic transmissions have become the norm, and you barely have to try to drive down the road it’s refreshing to have to shift to get a car moving. The folks at Porsche know how much enthusiasts still enjoy shifting their vehicles and that’s why the 2015 Boxster Spyder is only available in a six speed manual transmission. Driving it is a visceral experience that will make you actively consider each decision that you make and will put you in the heat of the moment. It’s an enthusiasts dream and this car is the kind that you want to take for a drive when you’re interested in enjoying the experience more than getting to the destination.

The New Spyder is Looking Trim

The latest Spyder is of course lighter than its predecessor. If there’s one thing Porsche is good about it’s creating cars that get progressively lighter with time. The car cuts roughly 65 pounds over the old model, not a major cutback, but when you consider how light the last Boxster Spyder was it’s still impressive.

Handling Improvements

The Spyder received a bunch of handling modifications designed to make it drive more effectively than ever before. It’s got wider wheels at around 10.5 in in width and it’s a whole 20mm lower to the ground. The vehicle benefits from torque vectoring and a mechanical differential to give it a more intense feel while driving. The car has a massive set of brakes that slow it down smoothly, and more importantly, very quickly.

At around $94,000 this car is far from a bargain, but it’s still worth considering if you want a rare convertible that’s not going to be gliding around every road in your hometown. It’s supremely lightweight, it handles superbly and it’s just a blast to drive around. You’ll have a hard time convincing anyone that it’s a good long-term investment, but the Spyder might just be your next favorite purchase.