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Classic Porsche Owners Could Now have a Place to Go

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Porsche realizes that over 70 percent of the vehicles they sold are still on the road today. This is because of a mixture of top-notch engineering and construction and owners babying their vehicles. Either way, there is a lot of demand for Classic Porsche services. Owners need to find spare parts. They need to get their vehicles serviced and some will even want their vehicles restored. These are all services that you can enjoy at one of the Porsche Classic Centers. There are currently 24 of them around the world, with 10 of them in Germany. That number is about to skyrocket though and the company is working to open up at least 100 centers around the world, with a few currently in development in the United States.

Porsche Classic

Access to Spare Parts

It’s tough finding parts for a classic Porsche sports car. There are some manufacturers that produce these replacement parts, but there is often a long wait for the parts and they can be quite expensive. These centers will offer 52,000 different original spare parts to car owners so that they can get their parts faster and get the parts that they actually need when they need them.

Get Cars Serviced

As the Porsche vehicles age they still have to be serviced and should be handled by an expert that truly knows the vehicles. These centers will service classic Porsche vehicles and ensure that they age gracefully. It’s a place that classic Porsche owners can go when something goes wrong the vehicle and they need help fixing the issue.

Buy Classic Cars

These locations will also sell classic Porsche vehicles to the general public. That means you won’t have to rely on Ebay or Craigslist any longer to find good quality classic Porsches. Instead you can drive over to the closest dealership and take a look at several different cars in person. It could be a good resource to test out classic cars before making a purchase, or to help you find those more difficult to find classic models that you don’t see everywhere.

Porsche plans on having a total of 100 centers by the end of 2018. That means that several different locations should spring up around the United States and it will likely become a lot easier to take care of a classic Porsche once they do. That’s the kind of convenience that Porsche owners are always looking for, and it’s a service that Porsche is wise to offer.

A Hybrid 911 is Likely but an EV Version is Far Off

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With companies like Tesla pushing the limits on the technology, electric vehicles are gaining in popularity. They are becoming more effective and more widely used. Hybrids have been out for more than a decade, and Porsche is quite familiar with electric and hybrid vehicles. The company created the company created the Panamera hybrid after all. While Porsche could most certainly create a hybrid version of the 911, the company says that a full EV 911 isn’t going to happen anytime soon. It’s not that they’re against the technology, but they want it done right, and that simply isn’t possible at the moment.

2016 Porsche 911 Carrera
2016 Porsche 911 Carrera

Power Without the Weight

While it would be cool to make an EV version of the 911, Porsche states that it just isn’t possible at the moment because of all the weight that you have to deal with for the batteries. Creating a powerful 911 that runs purely on electricity would just be too heavy to offer the true 911 experience. That’s why Porsche says that an EV is out of the question, but a hybrid isn’t.

Porsche is having enough trouble figuring out how to maintain the original 911 experience while making the vehicle into a hybrid to save on fuel costs and to make it much more efficient. Weight is so important to the 911 that even adding just a few hundred pounds could throw off the performance of the vehicle and battery packs are notoriously heavy.

Porsche says that they will release a hybrid version of the 911, but that it’s going to keep the flat six for as long as internal combustion engines are still allowed for use. During that time Porsche will improve on its technology and look for ways to maintain that lightweight level of performance with new electric technology.

Who knows, maybe Porsche’s future answer for power will be in Hydrogen fuel-cell technology. The car would still need an electric motor to propel itself, but it could rely on a tank of hydrogen fuel instead of a massive bank of batteries to propel it down the road or the track.

No matter what lies ahead in Porsche’s future, you can count on the release of a hybrid 911, but it’s hard to say if there will ever be a 911 EV according to Porsche.