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The 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS is How a Sports Car Should Be

December 9, 2015 lacarguy Porsche Tags: , ,

Porsche is one of the few high-performance luxury vehicle manufacturers that offers a quality car in the 50k to 90k price range. By doing so they have a virtual monopoly on the market for people searching for refined performance machines with excellent handling characteristics. The 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS Manual fits right into that mold as well. It’s affordable, a bit more capable than ever before and a whole lot of fun to drive around. Let’s dig into what’s new with this vehicle and what you get. You’ll notice a lot of incremental improvements, but hey, they’re still improvements right.

2015 porsche cayman gts

GTS Interior Package

When you opt for the GTS version of the vehicle rather than the S you get an upscale interior with plenty of notable improvements. The seats come with contrasting stitching, and embroidered logos are found throughout the interior. A set of carbon trim and silver accents really helps make that interior pop as well.

Quick off the Line

With 340 HP this car isn’t overpowered, but it should be no surprise to anyone that it’s quick. It achieves 0 to 60 in just 4.1 seconds and sprints up to 100MPH in 9.8 seconds. The car is very lightweight and will toss you back in your seat if you slam on the gas. Just be prepared to stomp on the clutch to achieve quick gear changes because Porsche didn’t design it to be easy.

Supreme Handling Prowess

The 2015 Cayman GTS only packs 15 HP more than the Cayman S and feels very familiar to it when driving, but that’s not a bad thing. The car is amazingly light on its feet. It corners with ease even at high speeds, and skids around the track or windy mountain roads confidently. The mid-engine positioning offers excellent driving dynamics and the lightweight body gives you a lot more power than you would expect driving a car with 340 HP. It’s not the brawniest of the Porsche lineup, but the Cayman GTS is certainly one of the most enjoyable to tool around in.

A Slightly Stiff Ride

While the Cayman GTS is designed to offer a sporty ride, the sporty aspect of the vehicle takes away a bit from comfort. Climbing behind the wheel of the GTS isn’t going to be anything like climbing behind the wheel of a Lexus. The ride is rougher and stiffer, but not completely uncomfortable. The clutch of the car is more difficult to press down, and the suspension gives you more road feel than other luxury vehicles. That means you’ll be able to maneuver the vehicle more effectively, but if you do hit a pothole you’re going to feel it.

The 2016 Porsche Cayman GTS feels like a pure Porsche sports car ought to. It’s smaller than the 911 and more lightweight. It handles with precision and is a blast to drive around. It’s not flashy and it’s not big like some sports cars, and that’s a good thing.

The 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo: Giving Turbo a Whole New Meaning

December 2, 2015 lacarguy Porsche

Porsche just came out with the 2017 911 Turbo, which is pretty confusing since it seems like the automaker just released a 911 Turbo earlier this year. This all-new Turbo is highly capable and a pretty nice improvement over the outgoing model. It adds in speed and look enhancements among other things and it even manages to outperform the rest of the cars in the lineup, even though they all come packed with a turbocharger now.

2017 porsche 911 turbo

Bumping up the Power

Porsche isn’t willing to let the Carrera’s catch up to the flagship 911’s and the company bumped up both variations of the 2017 911 with even more power. The 911 Turbo gets an increase to 540 HP and the Turbo S also moves up to a powerful 580 HP, much more potent than the 420 the Carrera S is packing.

Even though the model has more power it still relies on the same flat six that the outgoing model uses. The main reason that power is increased is because new turbos with larger compressors are used around the vehicle. Thanks to the nice increase in power the Turbo can now reach 62 MPH in just 3 seconds. The turbo S does it in 2.9 seconds and manages to surpass 200 MPH for all you drivers that really like to put your cars to the test.

Aesthetic Improvements

Porsche models are known for improving incrementally and the latest turbo follows that same pattern. The car has many improvements but they are pretty slight. It comes with 20-inch wheels as well as taillights that create a brighter illumination that creates a glow around the rear of the vehicle at night. The car also has a new front fascia and comes with rear deck louvers.

Interior Alterations

On the inside of the 911 Turbo you get a more modern infotainment system, and a new sport package that offers a new steering wheel and control setup that comes straight from the 918 Spyder. The car even comes with another driving mode on the Porsche Stability Management System known as Sport Mode.

The 2017 Porsche Turbo isn’t dramatically changed, but it’s enough of a step up for it to feel like a better car than the outgoing model. It’s more powerful, more attractive and comes with more functions on the inside. I’m sure it will also be a blast to drive just like all the other Porsche 911 Turbos, but we’ll see if it can live up to the widowmaker power and driving dynamics of Turbos of old.