Porsche recently completed the first of many photovoltaic pylons. This massive tower structure is made up of 7,776 solar cells and is believed to generate as much as 30,000 Kwh of electricity each year. That’s a level of energy large enough to provide all the power to the Berlin-Adlershof Porsche center in Germany while also offering enough energy for all visitors to charge their electric vehicles while at the site. This massive construction just shows the brand’s commitment to electricity over other technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells.

porsche solar pylon

The Pylon

The pylon that Porsche put together is the world’s first and it measures a total of 25 meters high. It has a total surface area of about 270 square meters. It’s an exciting construction that generates a massive amount of energy for the relatively small level of space that it takes up. It’s easy to see how these pylons could be incorporated into urban environments around the world to generate more power from sunlight.

A Focus on Electric Vehicles

Porsche is making it very obvious that the company plans on pushing further into the electric market. The automaker plans on releasing hybrid versions of some of its key vehicles, while also putting out the Mission E full electric sports car by 2020. There isn’t a huge amount of information about the car yet, but if it turns out anything like the concept vehicle shown off at the Frankfurt International Motor Show back in 2015 it should be a very capable vehicle indeed.

The Porsche Mission E

The Porsche Mission E, the company’s first full-electric vehicle will be available by the company by 2020 at the latest. That’s a mass-market full-electric sports car that will give Porsche aficionados the chance to own a capable sports car that runs on pure electricity and ditches fossil fuels entirely. Not only does the automaker plan on launching electric vehicles, but it plans to offer hybrid vehicles on a range of its products as well.