Month: September, 2016

The 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car

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During the Paris Motor Show, most people were focused on the new Porsche Hybrid vehicle, and while it’s impressive, it wasn’t the only exciting piece of technology that the automaker had to show off. Off to the side, sat the latest and greatest 911 GT3 Cup car. With an unassuming look, and almost no coverage, it would be easy to write off the car as uninspiring, or nothing new, but it actually packs quite a bit of tech, and is pretty impressive overall. Here’s a quick breakdown of Porsche’s latest race car911-gt3-cup that you probably didn’t hear much about.


More Powerful

The latest Porsche sports car of course is more powerful and capable than before. It gets a nice power enhancement thanks to the new 4.0 liter flat six engine that’s used within. The new power rating is 485, up from the 460 offered by the old engine.

Enhanced Downforce

While the latest Porsche sports car still relies on the 72-inch wing at the rear, it does come equipped with one enhancement that improves downforce significantly. The car comes equipped with both front and rear end pieces that are designed to increase the overall downforce while driving at high speeds for more control.

The Most Sold Cup Cars to Date

Since starting to produce them back in 1998, Porsche has produced and sold a total of 3,031 cup cars that have either been kept with the company or sold to independent drivers. That figure helps the automaker claim the title of most cup cars produced out of any automaker. If you want to get your hands on one of these potent race cars, you’ll have to shell out approximately $213,000 USD. Sure that’s an approximate amount, but it’s close enough, and few people will actually buy one of the cars anyway, though they would be fun to bring out onto a track.

Carefully Tuned

Of course, like every other race car sold by Porsche, the 911 GT3 Cup was carefully tuned at the Porsche compound in Weissach Germany to make the most of the power and components offered by the vehicle.

This latest race car is set to race in the Porsche Mobile 1 Cup, a series that supports Formula One vehicles, another German cup series and then a 2017 competition in North America. Porsche is going to work hard to make the car available to even more races in 2018 as well.

Porsche Might Release a Mini Mission E

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It’s a bit disappointing to hear that the Porsche Mission E, full-electric supercar project has been delayed and that we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what the car has to offer, it’s exciting at the same time. That’s because there is worth that Porsche is considering making a scaled-down version of the mid-sized electric sedan, to compete with the Tesla 3. This smaller full-electric sports car would be more affordable, and offer many of the impressive performance features of the larger vehicle.


The Delayed Mission E

If you haven’t heard yet, Porsche recently confirmed that the Mission E is getting delayed a bit. It’s tough to say if this is because of development problems, or because Porsche is deciding to focus on another project first, but it’s getting pushed back a bit. Many experts are hoping that it’s because Porsche decided to produce a scaled-down version of the vehicle first, and it’s entirely possible according to the head of development.

It’s Scalable

Porsche will neither confirm or deny that it’s thinking about producing a smaller version of the Mission E, but Oliver Blume, the chief developer of the Mission E did confirm that the model is completely scalable. That means it could be used to produce other vehicles as well, which means a scaled-down version of the electric sedan is completely possible and probably pretty easy to do as well.

Maybe they Will Both Be Released

While there is no guarantee that we’ll even get a scaled-down version of the Mission E sedan, it’s possible that we’ll get that as well as the full-sized version around the same time. That would certainly help Porsche compete a bit better with Tesla and BMW, two automakers that are both planning on releasing electric vehicles of their own.

No matter what Porsche decides to do, when the automaker finally releases electric vehicles, they’ll be well worth the wait, and should offer the performance and the luxury aspects that Porsche fans have come to expect over time.

The Porsche Performance Station Wagon

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If you thought it was strange that Porsche was planning on releasing an SUV back when you heard about the Cayenne, you’ll probably think it’s even more bizarre that the automaker is now planning on launching a station wagon. Station wagons are hardly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a luxury vehicle after all.


A Performance Wagon

Porsche is planning on making a station-wagon version of its Panamera sports car. You can believe that the car will come with plenty of power, and all the refined features that you would expect out of the luxury automaker. The only difference is, that buyers will have plenty of storage space as well. The car is designed to compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake, and it should appeal to some fans looking for a more spacious ride.

A Hybrid Panamera

Not only is Porsche planning on releasing a station wagon version of the Panamera, the automaker is also going to offer a hybrid version of the car to buyers. The hybrid version is going to be shown off at the Paris Motor show later in the month, but only time will tell whether the concept is something that fans decide to pick up. The hybrid technology will likely make the vehicle more fuel efficient, while also adding a bit of power and improving the acceleration of the vehicle in the process. The proposed hybrid version of the Panamera will likely have a range of about 30 miles, and a pretty respectable 0 to 62 acceleration of about 4.6 seconds. It’s not going to come cheap though, and you should expect to pay well over $120,000 to get your hands on the vehicle.

Pacific Porsche Is Now Porsche South Bay

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Porsche South Bay

Pacific Porsche is now Porsche South Bay

Pacific Porsche is on the move, literally and figuratively! Did you know that Pacific Porsche has been part of the LAcarGUY family since 1999 and in our current location in Torrance since 2002? The short of it is, we have outgrown out current location. Since 2009 we have almost doubled the sales at Pacific Porsche and, with some coming announcements, we simply need more room to serve our clients!

As part of our move 8 miles up the road to Hawthorne, just off the 405, we will have 50,000 square feet of space for our showroom and service department. We are targeting the open date for the new location in early November.

To reflect our new location and the new reach we will have with the store, along with some very exciting announcements, we are rebranding Pacific Porsche to Porsche South Bay and the website address has changed as well to as well.

We are very excited to show you what we are going to be doing with the store, it will have the latest in Porsche design and materials, in fact, we worked with Porsche North America and Porsche AG (i.e. the mother ship in Germany) in developing the look and feel of the new store.

We are going to have much more in the coming weeks about the store, the store design and everything that we are going to be able to offer you. We have been posting photos of the store on your Facebook page and our Instagram account, so, if you want to see the progress, make sure you are following us there.

We are very excited about the new store and the new name and very soon we are going to be able to share it all with you, we can’t wait to see what everyone’s reaction is.

The 2018 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid: Efficiency and Grit

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Most of the time hybrid vehicles are known for their ability to help you cut your fuel consumption. They allow vehicles to run more efficiently and really bump up those MPGs. That’s not the only purpose of hybrid vehicles though, and the 2018 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is proof of that. Hybrid tech can also make vehicles much more powerful and exciting to drive around.


It’s Packing Heat

The newest hybrid from Porsche offers a total of 462 HP and a whopping 516 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s a whole lot to pack into a little car, and you’ll feel every bit of that power when you stomp on the pedal and squeal the tires in a cloud of smoke.

The car splits all that power between its four wheels and can travel from 0 to 60 in just 4.4 seconds. It has a top speed of 172 MPH, faster than most people will be brave enough to take the vehicle.

Driving without Fuel

This car is packed with a powerful battery and is capable of motoring around town without using a single drop of fuel. You can get a total of 31 miles on a single battery charge, which doesn’t seem like too much, but for many people it’s enough to complete daily errands or even for a short work commute.

Instant Torque Satisfaction

While this Panamera is going to be a blast to drive at high speeds, it’s also going to be a whole lot of fun at the low end of the spectrum. That’s because all that electric torque is available instantly, as soon as you press the peddle your vehicle is going to start moving and moving fast. You’ll feel the acceleration, even just speeding up from sitting at the stop sign. Driving the Panamera Hybrid around town will make doing errands much more enjoyable overall, and you don’t have to worry about all the fuel you’re wasting by accelerating too vigorously, because you’ll be running on electricity.

Liquid Cooled Battery Tech

High performance batteries get really hot, which is why the lithium battery fitted into the Panamera is liquid cooled to keep it from overheating. This allows the car to provide excellent performance, while keeping the battery in optimal condition at all times.

The 2018 Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid is one of the most potent variation of the Panamera yet released, and it’s pretty efficient as well. It will be a blast to drive, and is expected to show up in dealerships later on this year. Keep your eye out for this exciting model, and you’ll see just what hybrid tech is capable of.