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The 2018 Porsche Cayenne SE Hybrid is Pure Joy on Wheels

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Porsche has been known for its 911 sports cars since the beginning of time, but today it makes most of its money off of SUVs like the Cayenne and the Macan. Today we’re going to dig into the new 2018 Cayenne S E-Hybrid and what makes the SUV plug-in hybrid so special. It has a lot going for it including space and comfort, but it also packs in some nice performance features, not to mention all the electronic and battery-related goodies.

2018 Porsche Cayenne

More Significant Electric Power

The 2018 Cayenne S E-Hybrid still comes packed with the same powerful 333 HP V6 engine, but it comes with a more potent 95 HP and 229 ft.-lb. torque electric motor attached to a more significant 10.8 kWh battery bank at the rear of the vehicle. This enhanced power lets the Cayenne do some pretty impressive stuff, like drive like it’s a high powered sports car, rather than a mid-sized SUV.

Always on All-Wheel Drive

Like most of the capable Cayenne lineup, this hybrid model gets a very effective all-wheel drive system. Just like all the others, power is routed to both the rear and front wheels of the SUV using a limited-slip differential. The Cayenne doesn’t split power from the electric motor to one set of wheels and the gas motor to the other, and this creates more even and effective driving performance that can adapt depending on the driving conditions. Naturally more power is routed to the rear wheels, but the power distribution can be adjusted between front and rear wheels as needed while driving around.

It Has Serious Speed

Even though the Cayenne comes in at 5,300 lbs. which is signficiantly more than any other Porsche vehicle, it still manages to be very fast. IT can do 0 to 60 MPH in just 5.4 seconds and speeds all the way up to 100 in 13 seconds. The SUV can handle a quarter mile at 103 MPH, and manages to offer decent speeds even when using just the electric motor or gas motor as well. It’s a power machine and a lot of fun to drive, and Porsche manages to give the SUV excellent driving mechanics as well, which makes things even more enjoyable.

Full Electric Driving

While the driving range of a maximum of 14 miles on a full battery charge isn’t going to take you very far, it could be enough for a stop to the grocery store or a short commute with a charger available at your place of work. Not only that, but it’s a relaxing way to drive around and an option that wasn’t really available in the older plugin hybrid Cayenne option from 2015. While driving around on just electric power the SUV is whisper quiet and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you aren’t burning fuel.

Fast Charging

Since this SUV doesn’t pack a monstrous battery pack it’s possible to bring it up to a full charge when plugged in for just 2.7 hours as long as you’re relying on a 240v power source. It’s even possible to charge faster than that if you have a specialized 7.2 kW charger and you can top up the SUV in just 1.3 hours. However, if you’re stuck with a standard 110v plug, charging can take up to 11 hours from a depleted battery.

Highly Capable Interior

Of course on the inside of this SUV you get beautiful and comfortable seats, soft-touch materials throughout and an excellent suite of tech features that will keep you busy learning what all the buttons do for weeks after your purchase. The SUV doesn’t really leave out anything when it comes to features, which means that you’ll enjoy all the connectivity features, interior comfort controls, safety features and media features that you would expect out of a hybrid SUV of the Cayenne’s stature, and that’s fine with us.

Overall the Hybrid Cayenne packs in a whole lot of performance without really costing you anything except more money at the time of purchase. If you decide to opt for this SUV you’ll have to pay around $80,000 to get it at the base level, but for all the enhancements that you’re getting it might just be worth the added cost.

What the 2019 Porsche Cayenne Brings

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Porsche had big plans when it first unveiled the original Cayenne, and it’s got major plans for the 2019 version of the vehicle as well. The automaker has gone all in to make the next Cayenne the best that it’s ever offered and that means a whole lot of improvements coming your way.

Porsche Cayenne S

Less Weight More Power

In an effort to make the 2019 Cayenne faster than ever before Porsche shaved weight off the vehicle while adding power to it and it did all this while making the model more efficient. That’s a huge enhancement that’s impressive and shows that Porsche engineers have been working overtime. Each of the three models, the Cayenne, the Cayenne S and the Cayenne Turbo are all going to come packed with more power than ever before.

Enhanced Brake System

The latest Porsche model is going to come with standard rotors coated in an attractive tungsten-carbide that polishes to a near chrome finish when driving around. Not only do the rotors look really nice during driving, they also help the brakes last about 30 percent longer, which should save a lot of maintenance costs.

Off-Road Prowess

In order to make the SUV more well-rounded, Porsche has taken several steps to make it more capable off-roading. The SUV comes with protective stainless steel skid plates. It’s also got steering and power management features that will help you get the best traction and control while off-roading. While you probably don’t want to take your very expensive investment out into the Arizona desert, it would likely handle the trip just fine.

Top Tech Features

This latest SUV comes packed with just about every single tech feature that you can imagine. Even if you don’t get all the features as standard, many of the coolest are optional and you can add them on for a price if you want them bad enough. While driving the SUV around you’ll be able to tell it “I am cold” and it will turn the heat up for you. There are even cutting-edge features like night vision if you want to add them to the vehicle.

Porsche’s latest SUV is going to stand out among all the others because of the sheer effort that the automaker put into making it the very best out there. It’s purportedly one of the first true race-cards in SUV form, and it packs in so much more than just excellent performance that it’s sure to be a true pleasure to own.