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The New Porsche Mission E Could Benefit from Over the Air Upgrades after Release

March 16, 2017 lacarguy Porsche Tags: , , , , ,

By now most people have heard about the Porsche Mission-E all-electric supercar that Porsche is working on. They know that the automaker is shooting for a 300+ mile range for the car, while making something that’s going to be a blast to drive and that’s going to be very quick. If Porsche can deliver on all these things it’s going to have a pretty successful vehicle on its hands, but the automaker isn’t content to just stop there. Porsche also plans on releasing a car that is upgrade-able over the air, and that might be capable of automated driving with a simple over the air update.

Porsche Mission E

Over the Air Upgrades

Much like Tesla did with its Roadster, Porsche wants to be able to make enhancements to its Mission E with wireless software changes to the vehicle. It wants to be able to adjust the tune of the engine, increase or decrease power output in the future, and maybe add in additional tech features like improved automated driving features over time as well.

By simply turning your vehicle on, it could connect to the Internet and receive the updates that it needs to put new features into place using the existing technology. This is something that software companies do all the time today, but not something that is as common in automobiles currently. If Porsche can incorporate this feature into is Mission E, and we’re confident that the company can, buyers will be able to get more life out of the supercar before wanting to upgrade to the latest model.

Automated Driving Features

Porsche, once fully against automated driving, stated that it plans on releasing the Mission E with some self-driving features. For instance, the car might be able to pilot the driver through congested traffic on a straight road, and tackle other simple tasks like that that would otherwise be dull. The Mission E might come with pretty limited self-driving features, but over time as the tech improves, Porsche should be able to make software updates to the vehicle to make it more capable than before. Owners will notice their vehicle getting smarter, the media system getting new features and the vehicle improving over time. That’s the benefit of over-the-air updates, and it’s an exciting feature that Porsche owners could really benefit from.

Porsche is planning on releasing the Mission E in different power levels, so its possible that buyers will be able to change from one power level to the next with a paid update to the vehicle, but there’s no word if that’s going to be the case for the Mission E or not.

Porsche is betting big on this electric supercar and is sinking more than 1 billion Euros into research and development for it. The automaker is planning on selling 20,000 models each year, which would be significant for the luxury automaker, making it account for approximately 10 percent of all sales.

The features set to come with the Mission E are not set in stone, but so far the specs are exciting and something to look forward to. Serious Porsche fans that want to get into electric vehicles should seriously look at this option.With a 300 mile range and a 15 minute charge time the Mission E could be a convenient daily driver that replaces a gas-powered vehicle with ease.

Porsche Has Big Plans for the Mission E

November 30, 2016 lacarguy Porsche Tags: , ,

Porsche is hoping to sell at least 20,000 models of the Mission E EV per year when it’s finally released in 2020. While this isn’t an outlandish figure for automobiles in general, or even full electric vehicles, it’s a pretty high figure for the likes of Porsche. It’s an optimistic figure, but it’s tough to say whether or not the automaker is going to be able to meet such lofty goals once the vehicle is finally released. Here’s what the car has going for it that should help those Porsche goals become a reality.


It’s Beautiful

There are few automakers out there that know how to make a car as beautiful as Porsche does. For some people that’s enough to sell the Mission E on its own. The car should be a stunning piece of artwork and it’s going to appeal to a wide range of people looking for something attractive.

It’s Fast

At around 3.5 seconds from 0 to 62 MPH, the Mission E is a pretty quick full electric vehicle. It should be exciting to drive and something that most people will enjoy, even if they aren’t all about electric vehicles. While it won’t likely be the fastest car out on the road, it will be quick and have excellent handling mechanics, which is all that it really needs.

It’s Track Worthy

The Mission E is going to be a track-worthy sports car, like most other Porsche vehicles sold today. This should excite people looking to pick the car up for racing, and it’s one of the main selling points that the car has for it over some of its main competitors, even leading Tesla vehicles. Porsche understands how to create vehicles with superb track handling, and the automaker is undoubtedly going to keep that in mind when making the Mission E.

The Porsche Mission E is going to appeal to a large group of people, but it’s going to be tough to appeal to enough people to hit the figures that Porsche is going for. In order for that to happen they’ll have to produce a vehicle that offers the same level of performance as the stiffest competition released in 2020, and that might not be the case depending on how far along Tesla and other major EV producers are by then.

Porsche's EV Concept is Awesome

September 13, 2015 lacarguy Porsche Tags: , , , ,

Last week Porsche unveiled a stunning futuristic version of their 911 vehicle that would draw notice for its looks alone, but the most shocking thing about this car was that it was a full-electric vehicle. That’s right, no internal combustion motor in that car. Instead it’s built with a whole lot of battery power that Porsche says will deliver a range of over 310 miles, that’s pretty impressive for a vehicle that’s supposed to be packing as much power as this car is.

porsche mission e

Huge Power and Speed

The 800 volt electric system used in the Porsche Mission E production vehicle provides a whopping 600 HP and can accelerate from 0 to 62 MPH in just 3.5 seconds. That’s fast enough for anyone to stop and take notice. To give you an idea of how fast that is, that’s right on the same level as the McLaren MP4, a Lamborghini Diablo or the Porsche GT2 997.

Exceptional Handling

While the vehicle’s bound to be heavier than standard 911 cars, Porsche claims that it’s still going to have that sharp acceleration and excellent handling that its vehicles are known for. The car comes packed with all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. It’s equipped with the powertrain from the famed 919 hybrid car that crushed the competition during the 24 Hours at Le Mans, and it reportedly is capable of traveling around the Nurburgring racetrack in less than eight minutes.

Just a Concept Car

During the presentation of the vehicle Porsche was very careful to refer to the vehicle as a “concept car” the entire time. That’s because they deviated away from the standard for Porsche cars by making available four doors instead of two. That’s a big change for a Porsche vehicle, but it’s hard to say if the changes will stay in the production model, or if there is even going to be a production model in the future.

Lightning Quick Recharging

One surprising boast that Porsche made about their new vehicle is that it can be recharged to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. That means that 400 KM of range can be added to the vehicle through 15 minutes of charging, that’s pretty impressive and would beat out the Tesla vehicles. This very fast recharge time is thanks to an 800 volt system that Porsche is using, that’s double the 400v standard used by other automakers.

In Development for the Future

There’s no real deadline on an electric sedan, and Porsche won’t even say that they’re officially making one at all, but reports strongly suggest that an all-electric sedan is being produced for release in 2018 or 2019 by the automaker. That gives auto buyers a few years to wait still, but it’s an exciting prospect for the future.

The Porsche Pajun May Come with an All Electric Version

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Even though Porsche executives have thrown out comments back and forth that point to and away from electric vehicles, it’s pretty clear that Porsche is interested in creating an all-electric SUV in the coming years.

2015 Porsche Macan Turbo
2015 Porsche Macan Turbo

The Proof is in the Patents

A series of patent applications that Porsche put in recently in the United States, Germany and China all point to the automaker wanting to create an all-electric SUV. The patents focus on battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain designs. One interesting thing of note is that the powertrain patents are all centered around Porsche’s midsize SUV platform that’s supposed to be released in 2017 or 2018, the Pajun.

Some Serious Thought Went Into the Patents and Design

To convert the upcoming Pajun SUV into a full-electric vehicle would take a significant number of modifications. That just shows how much thought and work Porsche put into the all-electric idea. The yare working out all the details behind the scene, and figuring out how to release a full-electric SUV to the public, even if they aren’t releasing all the details just yet.

A Unique Induction Charging System

On top of all the unique powertrain patents, Porsche also seems to be working on an induction charging system to use with the new electric vehicle. The charger would be able to refill a battery without the car needing to be plugging in at all. This type of system would be highly beneficial for powered parking spots out in public, and would make using the cars occasionally much more convenient for owners.

No information has been released about the potential range of the Porsche SUV, but it would be surprising if it didn’t at least match the range of the Tesla Model S by the time it’s released in a couple years from now. Technically there is no guarantee that the vehicle is even going to be released, but with all the time and effort Porsche is putting into these new technologies it looks pretty likely that they will be releasing an electric vehicle in the coming years. With most of those patents centered around an SUV platform it also looks likely that the vehicle will be in the SUV platform.

With so many new vehicles slowly making their way into the EV market, it’s an exciting time to be an electric vehicle enthusiast. The technology is improving by leaps and bounds, and when battery technology finally makes a few major strides electric vehicles will become much more impressive than they already are.