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Porsche is Planning a Different Kind of Self Driving Car

April 20, 2017 lacarguy Porsche Tags: ,

Autonomous driving is a feature that’s coming soon, or at least that’s what most of the experts in the auto industry are predicting. Most major car companies are hard at work trying to get a car to safely drive you around the road, and through extensive research tests are getting closer and closer to successfully doing just that. Many automakers want to make it so that drivers never have to drive again. So that they can lounge peacefully behind the wheel of the car, or even without a wheel at all, and get transported to the final destination. This isn’t want performance brands like Porsche or Mazda want though. They’re more interested in meeting somewhere in the middle.

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Why Porsche Doesn’t Want Always on Auto Driving

Porsche isn’t interested in autonomous driving features that are always on for vehicle owners. That’s because Porsche is a performance brand and most Porsche owners have the vehicles for the driving experience. In other words, Porsche owners wouldn’t have a reason to buy a Porsche if they weren’t going to be driving it.

Instead Porsche wants to create vehicles with autonomous driving that you can switch on and off as you see fit. These systems would give you control over the auto features, but still make driving safer at the same time.

Autonomous Driving Standard in Every Porsche

According to Klaus Zellmer, the North American CEO of Porsche, autonomous driving will be like cruise control is today. It’s a tech that will soon be standard in every Porsche, but something that you’ll be able to pick and choose when you use it. This means that Porsche owners will have the option if they don’t feel like driving, but there’s no need to use an autonomous driving feature, just as there isn’t a need to use cruise control today.

A Behind the Scenes Nanny

Porsche understands that autonomous driving is a way to make driving safer, and Zellmer believes that the best answer is to create safety features that run in the background without taking away from the driving experience. In other words, a computer would be running with a series of sensors that detect any danger, and correct errors that the driver makes without even worrying the driver about the errors. You could safely enjoy the thrill of driving your Porsche, while operating it under much safer circumstances than is possible today with this tech.

Autonomous driving is exciting for car owners and it’s a feature nearly everyone wants to implement, Porsche just wants to make sure that the act of driving remains enjoyable and that aficionados can drive to their heart’s desire without being taxied around all the time.

Porsche Self Driving Cars are Faster than Humans and More Efficient

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One of the biggest benefits that scientists and engineers have been going on about with self-driving vehicles is the increased level of safety and control that these vehicles offer. Since they are operated by computers they can pick up on dangers faster and more reliably than humans can. They also come with more powerful sensors that give the computer a better sense of what is going on around the vehicle than a human can manage on their own. On top of these benefits it appears that the self-driving car from Porsche is actually faster than human drivers as well, at least according to Yahoo! Autos.

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Porsche has a system known as InnoDrive that it has been testing out on some of its vehicles. This system is partially autonomous, using a series of sensors, cameras and other satellite feeds to create a general understanding of the outside environment.

This system is capable of handling all of the accelerating and the braking, but it still requires a human driver to handle the steering tasks. It’s designed to corner as efficiently as possible and is built for streamlined performance and for these reasons it has been shown to be faster than human drivers are. During general testing periods the system was 10 percent more efficient than human drivers, saving on fuel, while being 2 percent faster as well. While this isn’t a major increase over humans, it’s enough to make a noticeable difference over time.

Challenges to Overcome

The current system still can’t differentiate between red and green street lights. It’s programmed to see every light as green, which could cause some potential problems later on down the road. It is also only capable of seeing about 650 in front of it which may not be enough in some driving instances. There are the same limitations that other automakers are facing as well, but they believe they can all be overcame eventually and that self-driving cars will become a part of everyday life soon enough.

Porsche, along with other automakers such as Audi, are testing their ideas and their vehicles heavily under real driving conditions out on the road today. Now that they have the go-ahead to drive their cars on US roads they are working hard to perfect technology that is going to be the new face of driving soon enough.

In the future we’ll likely see roadways that are much more organized. The cars will be travelling at higher speeds and responding to one another very predictably. The computers won’t make mistakes about the laws of the road, and there won’t be a need to limit speeds as much on many roads in the country as there was before. Not only will speeds and safety increase, but energy consumption of these vehicles will be lower than current consumption thanks to increasing driving efficiency.